JWC Roastery

Honduras Finca El Duranzo


Red Grape. Passionfruit. 

Variety Bourbon
Fully Washed
Region Intibuca
1700 masl
Tasting Notes
Red grape. Passion fruit. Lemon tea.
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

El Martillo is one of this producers medium-sized farm and is one of our all-time favourites. It’s 19,5 hectares grown at about 1700masl. And that is considered as really high altitudes in Salvador. The cultivar in this lot is a mix of Bourbon and Hibrido de San Francisco (a local hybrid of the dwarf bourbon Pacas and old Bourbon Elite).

The producer is innovative in ways of processing and farming. They separate everything by days of picking and do different processes, fermentation and drying techniques depending on capacity and potential of the particular lot. In this case, it is mechanically demucilaged before it is soaked under clean water overnight and then carefully dried on the patio. They manage the drying times by building up layers and resting the coffees in piles.

Sweet aroma. Delicate and elegant, structured and complex. Clear and juicy. Tasting notes of black tea, citrus, white grape, and grenadine. Very different profile for a Honduras. Score: 88

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