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Kenya Kagwanja AB #036


Honey. Melon. Passion Fruit.

Variety SL28, SL34 & Batian
Fully Washed
Region Kiambu
Roast Level Medium Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Honey. Melon. Passion fruit. Tropical fruit
Quantity 250g

About this coffee :

Kagwanja is one of the 13 factories within the Komothai FCS. Some of the factories are very far away from each other within Kiambu county. Kiambu lies just on the slopes of the Aberdare mountains. 

The cherries are sorted before being pulped. The parchment is then fermented overnight, before being washed and graded into P1, P2, P3, P lights and pods. After that, it is dried on the drying tables for 8-14 days. 

This Kenyan coffee makes you sing on the first sip! Bursting fruitiness of tropical fruit like melon & passion fruit, very juicy & delightful honey sweetness, with hints of classic blackcurrant note from SL28. Definitely a must-try for Kenyan coffee fans!

Brewing Recipe : 

15g of coffee to 250g of water
2.30 minutes

Roasted on 14th of October
Ground Pack, 50g & 250g pack coffee ship in 1-2 working days

Taster pack roasted on 7th of October

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