Artisan Roastery

Ethiopia Bekele Fega (Single Farm)


Muscat Grape. Peach. 

Variety Heirloom
Natural Processed
Region Yirgacheffe, Konga
Producer Bekele Fega
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes
Muscat Grape. Peach.
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Bekele Fega is a new private medium-sized producer that we came across this year. We say medium sized because he is just in between a smallholder and an estate owner.

He is mainly doing natural processed coffee. He's located in the woreda called Konga where they are well known for producing some of the best lots from Yirgacheffe. 

This coffee is from a single farm in Konga rather than a co-operative that collects coffee from hundreds farmer in the region. It's super juicy with notes of muscat grapes and peach fruitiness, a super clean natural processed coffee. 

Brewing Recipe : 

18g of coffee yield to 36g of espresso
25 - 30 seconds

18g of coffee to 290ml of water
3 minutes. Yield 260-270ml

Roasted on 18th of April
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours

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