My Liberica

Malaysia Liberica Peaberry Honey Processed

Chocolate. Licorice. Jasmine.

Processing : Honey Process

Varietal : Liberica

Region : Johor, Malaysia

Producer : My Liberica Plantation

Roast Level : Medium Roast 

Tasting Notes : Medium body. Licorice, Nutty and cocoa finish.

Quantity : 200g

Shipper Note :

My Liberica is the one and only specialty Liberica coffee bean producer in Malaysia. The Liew brothers takes full control from farm to cup, with their own coffee plantation, processing mill, roastery and a in house cafe that serves specialty Liberica coffee in Johor Bahru.

The Liberica Peaberry coffee is our favourite among all the Liberica beans. The honey sweetness is absolutely lovely, smooth and easy drinking coffee. The Peaberry has an intense sweetness and fruity notes as compared to normal honey processed Liberica.

This current batch is a more refined roast by Adam, slightly lighter roast than the usual ones and give a bursting flavourful cup! We recommend a low brewing temperature of 85˚C for the sweetest cup, best brewed with V60 and Syphon, same as how they serve in the cafe.

Roasted on 28th of February
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours

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