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Brazil Lucia


Santa Lucia producer Helcio started growing coffee in 1970 when he was only 20 years old. Farming and producing coffee is in his blood, and the tradition has been passed down from his father's father. Helcio was recognised for producing quality in the 2010 and 2013 Cup of Excellence awards, which brought him to the attention of Project Origin founder Sasa Sestic. Nowadays Santa Lucia is featured as a regular on Project Origin because of its consistent quality in its cup profile.

Region: Brazil

Farm: Santa Lucia

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

MASL: 900-1300m

Project Origin Cupping notes :

84.5 pts. A creamy, sweet and well-balanced natural with aromas of sweet caramel. This coffee is medium to full weight with citric, orange-like acidity and flavours of rich chocolate, orange, marzipan and red apple. A solid Brazil natural.

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