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November 07, 2021

Chocolate is probably one of the most interesting & diverse treats of all 😍 there are hundreds of types of chocolate from all around the world!

When it comes to chocolate, the most important thing to look at is the INGREDIENTS! 🧐

Dark chocolate contains only cocoa & sugar. Milk chocolate contains cocoa, milk and sugar. Whereas white chocolate has no cocoa, but cocoa butter, milk sugar & etc.

The percentage of every dark chocolate label shows the amount ratio of cocoa content is in the bar. Example 70% dark chocolate is made of 70% cocoa & 30% of sugar.

The higher the percentage, the lower the sugar, the higher the bitterness. 100% dark chocolate is intense in bitterness, super bold & dense texture 💪🏼


100% dark chocolate

Melting 100% dark chocolate 

We highly recommend enjoying only dark chocolate that’s at least 70% & above. This is where you get to taste the flavours of chocolate & not just sweet only. Of course, keeping sugar intake low is good for your health! 🙌🏼

That said, you’ll take a very very close look at nutrition facts when purchasing chocolate bars, especially for milk chocolate & white chocolate 😧

Commercial milk & white chocolate contains a ton of sugar & other chemicals such as soy lecithin, stabiliser etc. Taking these on regular basis will harm your body, better stay away from bad nasty chocolates 🚫

If you love chocolate like us, you have to check out all the single origin chocolate bars that contain only cocoa & sugar  🍫

Ps: Seniman Kakao uses organic cane sugar for all their chocolates & defect free cocoa beans, probably the healthiest chocolate you can find 🥰

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