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Burundi Kayanza Yandaro CWS FW15+ 蒲隆地 言太郎處理廠FW15+ 水洗

Quantity: 225g

Roasted Chestnuts. Sweet Almond. Caramel. Creamy. Candied fruit.

Variety Red Bourbon
Processing Washed
Region 卡揚扎省
Roast Level Medium Roast

About this coffee :

Yandaro 咖啡處理廠 (CWS) 建於 1980 年代中期,當時世界銀行和其他合作夥伴對蒲隆地咖啡進行了一輪重大投資。在此期間,全國各地建造了 130 多個最先進的咖啡處理設施。由於這些投資,蒲隆地成為非洲設備最完善的咖啡生產國之一,使其處於生產高品質咖啡的有利位置。

Yandaro 作為卓越咖啡生產商的優勢在 2012 年布隆迪卓越杯比賽。期間得到了突出體現。那一年,該電台贏得了“總統”稱號,這意味著它以 90+ 的分數結束了比賽。該站從周圍的微型種植園收集咖啡果,每個種植園管理著不超過 600 株置於自然遮蔭下的咖啡樹。


The Yandaro coffee washing station (CWS) was built in the mid 1980s during a major round of investment made by the World Bank and other partners into Burundi’s coffee. This period saw the construction of +130 state-of-the-art coffee washing facilities all throughout the country. As a result of these investments, Burundi is one of Africa’s best-equipped coffee producing countries making it well positioned to produce high quality coffee.

Yandaro’s merits as a producer of exceptional coffee were highlighted during the 2012 Prestige Cup, Burundi’s pre-cursor to its Cup of Excellence competitions. That year the station won a “Presidential” placing meaning it ended the competition with a 90+ score. The station collects the cherries from surrounding micro plantations, each of which manages no more than 600 coffee plants that are placed under natural shade.

This medium roast coffee is creamy and velvety texture. You'll instantly get the roasted chestnut & almond nuttiness, caramel sticky sweetness with a hint of candied fruity finish. A great coffee that we look forward to in the morning.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 29th of December  十二月二十九號