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Colombia Inza La Piramide 哥倫比亞 因薩 幻金塔

Quantity: 225g

Pears. Cherries. Raspberries. Citrus.

Variety 卡杜拉、哥倫比亞
Caturra & Colombia
Processing Washed
Region Inza
Altitude 1600-2000masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Quantity 225g

About this coffee :

位於殖民城市波帕揚東北約 90 公里處的印扎市位於考卡省。位於哥倫比亞安第斯山脈中部山脈的西部和東部斜坡的中心,就在 Nevado de Purace 和 Nevado del Huila(一座活火山)之間。

哥倫比亞這個美麗的地區是大約兩千名咖啡種植者的家。這些農民在海拔 1,700 到 2,000 米的山坡上種植咖啡,俯瞰帕茲河峽谷和內華達德爾威拉峽谷。

直到 2004 年,這裡種植的所有咖啡都作為威拉咖啡以單調的方式出售。然後在 2004 年,成立了農民協會 (ASORCAFE)。他們建立了自己的倉庫並開始購買會員的產品,消除了中間商,直接在波帕揚出售咖啡以獲得更好的價格。 Virmax 很快就開始與他們合作,教育他們如何提高咖啡質量,培訓了協會的 2 名杯測師,並建立了一個杯測實驗室。

他們的咖啡也被命名為來自考卡關係咖啡的哥倫比亞 La Piramide,這個名字來自該地區可以找到的許多金字塔形的山脈。多虧了這項工作,來自印扎的咖啡在哥倫比亞和世界上逐漸廣為人知,Asorcafe 的成員和他們的社區終於獲得了他們應得的利潤和認可。


Located some 90 km north-east of the colonial city of Popayán lies the municipality of Inza, in the Department of Cauca. Based in the centre of the western and eastern slopes of the Cordillera Central of the Colombian Andes, right in between the Nevado de Purace and the Nevado del Huila (an active volcano).

This beautiful region of Colombia is where some two thousand coffee growers call home. These farmers cultivate coffee on the slopes of the mountains overlooking the canyon of the Paez river and the Nevado del Huila, at altitudes between 1,700 and 2,000 masl.

Until 2004 all the coffees grown here were sold in humdrum lots as Huila coffee. Then in 2004, an association of the farmers (ASORCAFE) was created. They set up their own warehouses and started purchasing their member's production, eliminating the middlemen and selling their coffee directly in Popayán obtaining better prices. Virmax started working with them soon after, educating them on how to improve the quality of their coffee, training 2 cuppers from the association and setting up a cupping lab.

Their coffee was also named Colombian La Piramide from Cauca Relationship Coffee, a name that comes from the many piramid-shaped mountains that can be found in the region. Thanks to this work, the coffee from Inza is slowly becoming well known in Colombia and the world, the members of Asorcafe and their community are finally receiving the profits and recognition that they deserve.

This washed Colombian coffee is a super fruity juicy coffee. With fruity notes of pear, cherry, raspberry & citrusy finish. A lovely coffee to start your day!

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 27th of June 六月二十七號