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Ecuador Chinchipe Rancho Carmen 厄瓜多 青契沛 瑞秋 卡門

Quantity: 225g

Stone Fruit. Dark Chocolate. Fresh Spice Aroma. Berries.

Variety 鐵皮卡、卡杜拉
Typica & Caturra
Processing Washed
Region Zamora Chinchipe
Altitude 1800masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

在位於薩莫拉省南部的欽奇佩州,它坐落著一個名為 ACRIM 的咖啡屋。該地區被認為是生物多樣性最豐富的地區之一,因為它非常靠近以奇花異草和本土鳥類而聞名的亞馬遜雨林,在那裡您可以找到最獨特的動植物物種。該地區的居民致力於保護環境,因為農業是他們的主要收入。

在這個地區,您可以找到美麗的自然和物種,並且由於印加族群的古老存在而擁有特殊的土著文化。 Rancho Carmen 的咖啡生長在 Chinchipe 地區的一個非常小的社區,該社區的人們表現出堅強且始終團結。

Rancho Carmen 咖啡已經生產了 30 多年,是該地區生產者的生計和主要經濟活動。他們的咖啡樹處於完美和健康的狀態,他們擁有完美的品種來生產該地區最好的咖啡。該社區的咖啡種植者與 ACRIM 合作,他們認為“社區的可持續進步和發展只能通過團結一致、團隊合作、共同尊重環境來實現。”


In the canton of Chinchipe, located at the south of the Province of Zamora, it is situated a coff­ee coop called ACRIM. This region is considered one of the richest in biodiversity as it’s very proximate to the Amazon Rainforest, famous for its exotic flowers and native birds, where you can find the most unique species of flora and fauna. Inhabitants of the region work towards protecting the environment as agriculture is their main income.

In this region, you can find beautiful nature and species and there is a special indigenous culture due to the old presence of the Inca ethnic group. Coff­ee from Rancho Carmen is grown in a very small community located in the region of Chinchipe, a community where people demonstrate to be strong and always united.

Rancho Carmen co­ffee has been produced for more than 30 years, being the livelihood and main economic activity of the producers in this region. They have their coff­ee trees in perfect and healthy conditions and they have the perfect varietals to produce the best coff­ees of the area. Coff­ee growers from this community work with ACRIM, which believes that “The sustainable progress and development of communities can only be done by getting together, working as a team, and respecting the environment together.”

This washed coffee makes a smooth & juicy cuppa. You'll instantly get the stone fruit & chocolate note on mid-tone, finish with spice & hints of berries aromatics. A nice pick to start the day.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 3rd of September