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Ecuador Pichincha Juan Vergara 厄瓜多 皮欽查省 翰維格拉

Quantity: 225g

Soothing Floral. Genmaicha. Long sweet finish.

Variety 鐵皮卡改良
Typica Mejorado
Processing Washed
Region Pichincha
Altitude 1300-1800masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Finca Campo Algere 是一個佔地 4 公頃的農場,位於厄瓜多爾皮欽查省,那裡的莊稼被 Algarrobo 和其他本地樹木遮蔭。

在 Finca Campo Alegre,胡安·維加拉 (Juan Vergara) 不僅種植咖啡豆來準備他非常喜歡的飲品,他和他的家人還在那裡度過了一生中最美好的時光。在農場,胡安和他的妻子克里斯汀教他們的女兒騎馬,在那里長大的女孩們繼承了對農業和咖啡的熱情。這是他們慶祝洗禮、第一次聖餐、生日和婚禮的地方。對於這個家庭來說,這個農場擁有他們所有的感傷歷史,這個特殊的環境是咖啡生長的地方。

胡安的父親出生在洛哈,曾經在該地區擁有一家咖啡農場。雖然這個農場已經不在家裡了,但胡安仍然沿用著父親家族在自己的農場上的傳統做法。 Juan 住在基多,是一家工業食品公司的總經理,然而,他的咖啡農場是他的私人天堂和避難所。近四公頃的咖啡真的是他夢想中的花園。胡安·維加拉(Juan Vergara)一生所做的一切,都是帶著愛和熱情去做的,咖啡也不例外,雖然它不是他的主要收入來源,但它在他的生活中仍然佔有非常特殊的位置,是他做不到的沒有生活。

由於離城市和他工作的地方很近,胡安可以很容易地離開農場。他喜歡在他的咖啡園里工作,每次去他都會學到一些關於農業的新知識。對胡安來說,一顆咖啡豆就像一顆葡萄,是一款好酒所必需的,如果你加工好,處理好,你就會成就一個偉大的產品。他堅信每棵咖啡樹都有不同的個性,您必須密切關注每棵咖啡樹。每天早上,Juan 都會喝一杯他自己的咖啡,只有在他能在農場做到並欣賞種植它的樹的景色時才會變得更好。

這咖啡是一種新的 Typica Mejorado 品種。因此,您將獲得良好的巧克力甜味、精緻的花香、綠茶的餘味和中度口感。完美的早晨咖啡。

Finca Campo Algere is a 4 hectare farm based in the Pichincha province of Ecuador, where crops are shaded by Algarrobo and other native trees.

At Finca Campo Alegre, Juan Vergara doesn’t just grow coffee beans to prepare the drink he loves so much, he and his family have also spent some of the best moments of their lives there. On the farm, Juan and his wife Christine taught their daughters to ride horses and growing up there, the girls have inherited a passion for farming and coffee. This is the place where they have celebrated baptisms, first communions, birthdays, and weddings. For the family, this farm holds all their sentimental history and this special environment is where the coffee grows.

Juan’s father was born in Loja and used to own a coffee farm in that region. Although this farm is no longer in the family, Juan still carries out the traditional practices that his father's family did on his own farm. Juan lives in the Quito and is the General Director of an industrial food company, however, his coffee farm is his private paradise and escape. The almost four hectares of coffee really is the garden of his dreams. Everything that Juan Vergara does in his life, he does with love and passion, coffee is no exception, and although it is not his main source of income, it still holds a very special place in his life and is something that he couldn’t live without.

Being so close to the city and where he works, Juan can easily get away to the farm. He loves to work in his coffee garden and every time he goes, he learns something new about agriculture. For Juan, a coffee bean is like a grape, necessary for a good wine, if you process and treat it well, you will achieve a great product. He strongly believes that each coffee tree has a different personality and that you must pay close attention to each one of them. Every morning Juan drinks a cup of his own coffee, only made better when he can do it on the farm and enjoy the view of the tree that grew it.

This coffee is a new Typica Mejorado varietal. As a result you'll get a good chocolate sweetness, delicate floral notes, a green tea finish & medium bodied mouthfeel. The perfect morning cuppa. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 3rd of June  六月三號