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Ethiopia Haru 衣索比亞 哈魯

Quantity: 225g

檸檬草 核果 柑橘 可可豆
Lemongrass. Citrus. Stonefruit.

Variety Heirloom
Region Gedeb Yirgacheffe
Altitude 1750-2300masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

這咖啡是由 Fikadu Abayneh 生產的。該公司由他的父親創立,菲卡杜(Fikadu)在伊爾加切夫(Yirgacheffe)成長,一生都在從事咖啡的行業。作為家族企業的第二代領導人,菲卡杜(Fikadu)具有新的願景,並正在探索改善其業務和所服務農民的生計的方法。


坎凱蒂(Kanketi)從生活在處理廠附近的小農那裡購買了新鮮採摘的紅咖啡果。他們使用Agaarde Discpulper去除果皮和果仁,然後將豆子分級,然後將內果皮在水下發酵長達78小時,在通道中再次清洗和分級,然後在高架床上小心乾燥。


This coffee was produced by Fikadu Abayneh, the owner of Kanketi Coffee export. The company was founded by his father, and Fikadu grew up in Yirgacheffe, immersed in coffee his entire life. As the second-generation leader of the family business, Fikadu has a new vision and is exploring ways to improve the business and the livelihoods of the farmers it serves.?

This mill was established six years ago and Haru is the name of the small village where the washing station is located. The Haru area is famous for producing quality and is located in the heart of Yirgacheffe.?

Kanketi buys freshly harvested red coffee cherries from the smallholder farmers living around the wet mill. They use an Agaarde Discpulper to remove the skin and fruit and grade the beans, after which the parchment is fermented underwater up to 78 hours, washed and graded again in channels before it¡¦s carefully dried on raised beds.

This washed coffee makes a clean & delicate cuppa. You'll get the lovely aromatics of lemongrass and stonefruit fruity qualities, refreshing citrusy brightness and finish with a cocoa aftertaste. A lovely after lunch cuppa to enjoy in the afternoon.

Brewing Recipe :?

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91oc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date 31st of January