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Guatemala San Marcos La Leona 瓜地馬拉 聖馬克斯 女獅王 雷奧娜 水洗

Quantity: 225g

Peach. Honey. Floral. Hazelnut.

Variety 卡杜拉和波旁 Caturra & Bourbon
Processing Washed
Region Santa Rosa
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :


約20位小農生產者為拉利奧納(La Leona)處理廠做出了貢獻,該工廠以致力於改善人們對種植過程如何影響咖啡的理解而聞名。多年來,他們一直在努力改善咖啡的基礎設施和質量。 La Leona 農場經過 SCA 認證為特殊等級。

咖啡樹種植在 Ingas,車前草和橙子的陰影下生長,然後將其充分洗滌並用水發酵 38-40 小時。然後將豆子在露台和高架床上充分曬乾,接下來的10-18天,直到水分含量在10-12%之間。


The San Marcos region in Guatemala is surrounded by two of its highest peaks, the Tajumulco and Tamaca volcanoes. That being said, the cherry plantations in this area is situated at about 1,200-1,800m above sea level, on volcanically ideal and fertile soil.

About 20 smallholder producers contribute to the La Leona washing mill which is known for their commitment to improving their understanding of how their plantation process affects the coffee. They have worked hard over the years to strengthen their infrastructure and quality of their coffee. The La Leona farm is certified by the SCA as speciality grade.

The cherry plants are grown in the shade of Ingas, Plantain and Oranges, which are subsequently fully washed and fermented with water for 38-40 hours. The cherries are then full sun-dried on patios and raised beds for the next 10-18 days until the moisture content is between 10-12%.

This coffee has a good complexity of flavours and makes a super clean cuppa. With fruitiness of peach & honey sweetness, delicate floral mid tone with hints of hazelnut finish. A great pick for morning cuppa!

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 29th of March 三月二十九號