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Honduras El Paraiso Finca La Flora Dina Carranza 宏都拉斯 天堂產區 花卉莊園 迪娜小農 水洗 帕拉伊內瑪種

Quantity: 225g

Toffee, Ripe fruit, Plum jelly, Orange, Lime

Variety 帕萊伊內瑪
Processing Washed
Region 拉巴斯省 奧帕多羅區 La Paz Opatoro
Altitude 1400-1650 masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Zavala 家族位於埃爾帕拉伊索 Güinope 的 La Mora,在過去的 7 年裡,他們信任領班 Luis Castellanos,他負責管理 Zavala 家庭農場周圍的所有活動,並在收穫季節監督採摘過程,確保採摘者交付適合蜜處理的咖啡果,然後在“African Beds”中進行仔細的去漿過程和乾燥過程,以確保正確處理,從而產生異國情調和非凡的杯子外形。

El Paraiso咖啡豆位於南部地區,海拔1.4公里。該地區最近贏得了一些獎項,並開始在咖啡界引起轟動。通常,該地區的咖啡帶有青蘋果、桃子、藍莓和淡淡的茉莉花的甜味。

帕萊伊內瑪 Parainema 品種還蠻罕見。第一口帶有太妃糖的香氣,成熟的李子和橙子的果香出現在中調,最後有淡淡的酸橙餘韻。一杯可愛的早晨咖啡,開始新的一天。

Located in La Mora, Güinope, El Paraíso, for the past 7 years the Zavala family has given their trust in its foreman Luis Castellanos, who manages all activities around the Zavala family farm and who supervises picking process during harvesting season making sure pickers deliver the right and ideal cherries for Honey process among others, then carefully de-pulping process is applied followed by a drying process in “African Beds” to ensure proper handling which results in an exotic and extraordinary cup profile.

Located in the Southern area, El Paraiso coffee beans are grown at an elevation of 1.4km. This region has won some awards recently and started to make more of a splash on the coffee scene. Usually, coffees from this region have sweet hints of green apple, peaches, blueberries, and subtle jasmine.

This Parainema varietal is quite a rare find. With toffee note on the first sip, the ripe fruitiness of plum & orange emerges on mid tone, finish with hints of lime zesty aftertaste. A lovely morning coffee to start the day.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 18th of January