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Indonesia Java Ling

Preparation: Whole Bean
Quantity: 200g - 5th June

200g pack whole bean ships within 24 hours
100% specialty arabica coffee beans only


Variety Bourbon, Kartika, Java, Typica
Processing Washed
Region East Java
Altitude 1000-1500 masl
Roast Level Medium Omni Roast
Tasting Note  Cola nut. Purple dragonfruit
Quantity 200g

About Flint:

About this coffee :

The rich volcanic slopes of Mt. Ijen yield exceptional wet hulled coffee. Smallholder farmers in East Java grow heirloom Arabica varietals like Typica, which thrive in the mineral-abundant soil.

Only the ripest, fullest cherries are hand-picked during harvest. The fresh cherry crop arrives daily at the Botolinggo wet mill, where it is washed and soaked to sort by density. Skilled workers remove any defects before the cherry is depulped.

The beans undergo 24 hours of fermentation in tanks to develop complex flavours. After fermentation, they are washed again to remove mucilage. The beans are partially dried in the sun for 2-4 days until reaching a moisture content of 26%.

At this point, the skin and parchment are mechanically removed in a process called wet-hulling. This drying method accentuates the coffee’s inherent earthy, wild flavour notes. The hulled beans are dried for another 2 days to stabilize moisture.

The beans are then transported to Driyorejo for dry milling. Here they undergo several rounds of sorting - graded by size, screened for defects and sorted by density. Only the most pristine beans are selected for export.

The result is a uniquely flavored wet hulled coffee showcasing the terroir of the Ijen Highlands. Meticulous processing draws out the best qualities of the bean, reflecting generations of farming traditions.

This coffee from Java is a very clean coffee with fruity notes of purple dragonfruit & cola nut aromatics. A medium juicy bodied cuppa that makes a sweet espresso & bold filter coffee

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.8
Ground coffee 18g
Espresso output 33g
Brew time 28-35 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 11
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 93ºc