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Liberica Box

Box: Classic Trio
Quantity: 3 x 200g

What's in the box : 

Classic - Dark Roast

Liberica Classic
Liberica Dark Choc
Signature Blend

Liberica Trio - Medium Roast

Liberica Honey Almond
Liberica Peaberry
Liberica Jackfruit

Quantity : 3 x 200g

Shipper Note:

Our Malaysian-produced Liberica coffee beans are definitely one of our favourite coffee bean producers. Jason, the coffee man behind My Liberica takes full control from seed to cup, producing the highest quality of specialty Liberica coffee.

The same Liberica coffee cherry, with three different processing methods & roast levels, produces three very distinctive flavour profiles of Liberica coffee. We want to share this interesting coffee experience and flavour exploration with everyone with Liberica Box. 

Classic has all three bestsellers, all are dark roast & make a bold strong cup! 

Liberica Trio you'll get to taste the difference of Peaberry, Natural & Honey processed by the same Liberica coffee, all medium roast.