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Panama Boquete Apollo 巴拿馬 太陽神 阿波羅 黑蜜

Quantity: 225g

熱帶水果 紅糖 花果香 果汁 莓果 茶香 櫻桃 甜感佳
Tropical Fruit. Brown Sugar. Flower. Berry. Tea Scent. Cherry Sweetness.

Variety 卡杜艾和卡杜拉
Catuai & Caturra
Processing 黑蜜處理
Black Honey Processed
Region Baru Volcano
Altitude 1600-1650 masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

波奎特(Boquete)是巴拿馬最精華的生產區域,是世界上最佳的咖啡 生長環境,面加勒比海溫柔多情的海風,背有大西洋嚴冷的夜襲, 山高且陡,土壤貧脊,有許多著名”家族經營”的小農場或莊園, 生產出與眾不同獨一無二的咖啡,每年巴拿馬BOP都有七成以上的 獲獎莊園來自這精美的產區。波奎特咖啡很柔順,酸度均衡度完美, 香氣極富特色。


這里大約有50位咖啡農團結成一家合作社。這些農民使用傳統的Boquete咖啡種植方法在接近自然的環境中種植咖啡。儘管產量不高,但可以維持甚至改善環境和土壤質量。天然種植方法不僅有益於環境。隨著咖啡植物的生長緩慢,咖啡植物將受到環境的影響,以生產質量和風味得到提高的咖啡漿果。手工收穫成熟的咖啡果後,將咖啡果送到附近的Caféde Eleta S.A.咖啡館進行處理。該處理廠距離人工林約4公里,配備了現代化的實驗室,用於質量測試和手動篩選。


Boquete is Panama’s most elite production area and the best coffee growing environment in the world. It faces the gentle and sentimental sea breeze of the Caribbean Sea, and is backed by the cold night attack of the Atlantic Ocean.

The mountains are high and steep, the soil is poor and there are many ridges. The famous "family-run" small farms or manors produce unique and unique coffee. Every year, more than 70% of the award-winning manors in Panama BOP come from this exquisite production area. Boquete coffee is very soft, with perfect acidity balance and a very characteristic aroma.

The Baru Volcano is not only the highest mountain rig in Panama, the residue from its early volcanic activities and eruption has also provided an abundance of rich, fertile soil for planting. The soil is rich in minerals and volcanic ash is especially rich in phosphorous and sulphur. When mixed with clay, and with an optimal climate, the area provides an environment conducive for quality coffee growing. The dense forest and many animal species will also provide much biodiversity.

About 50 of the coffee farmers here have united to form a cooperative. These farmers use traditional Boquete methods of coffee farming to cultivate the coffee in a near natural environment. Although production yield is not high, the environment and soil quality can be sustained, even improved. The natural planting method is not only beneficial for the environment. As the coffee plant grows slowly, the coffee plant will be influenced by the environment to produce coffee berries that have enhanced quality and flavour. After harvesting the ripe berries by hand, the berries are sent to the nearby Café de Eleta S.A. for processing. The processing plant is about 4 kilometers away from the plantations and is equipped with a modernized laboratory for quality testing and manual screening.

This Black Honey Apollo coffee is a fruit bomb with explosive fruitiness. With lots of tropical fruits, berries and cherries juicy sweetness, finish with hints of floral and tea-like aftertaste. It will give you a big wow on the first sip. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 4th of June