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Panama Don Julian Pacamara 巴拿馬 唐胡立安莊園 Pacamara [COE 2020 No.5]

Quantity: 110g

Tropical Fruit. Raspberry. Pineapple. Spice.

Variety Pacamara
Processing Natural
Region La Horqueta, Boquete, Chirique
1600-2000 masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Finca Don Julian 位於海拔 1600 米左右,在肥沃的黑色火山土壤中種植咖啡。種植區位於受保護的熱帶雨林中,賦予咖啡獨特的風味、極佳的酸度和濃郁的酒體。

如今,Hacienda Don Julian 擁有 60,000 株 pacamara、15,000 株藝妓和 10,000 株鐵皮卡。他們家的 pacamara 贏得了許多獎項,包括巴拿馬最佳獎,我們的 Typica 也是如此…… 藝妓還很年輕,但非常健康。

這個農場不僅擁有最好的咖啡,而且擁有絕對受保護的環境,100% 無污染。數以千計的樹木與咖啡樹有著不可思議的和諧,所能聽到的只有鳥鳴聲、水聲(一條小河穿過這個農場)和風聲。

Pacamara 是兩種咖啡品種的混合體:Pacas(波旁突變)和 Maragogipe(Typica 突變)。它是在二十世紀中葉在薩爾瓦多開發的。最好的混合物會產生非常深的肉湯味道,總是讓人想起李子、葡萄乾和李子等深色水果。

這是一支日曬處理的咖啡,需要對其進行簡要說明才能理解術語。自從微型去皮機問世以來,最引人注目的是由哥倫比亞 Penagos 開發的微型去皮機,小農場能夠以適度的成本處理自己的咖啡。


這 Pacamara 咖啡會讓您大吃一驚。非常多汁的口感,帶有熱帶水果、覆盆莓和鳳梨的果香,還有一些帕卡馬拉咖啡中常見的香料餘韻。傍晚慢慢啜飲一杯美妙的咖啡。

Finca Don Julian is located about 1600 meters above sea level and grows its coffee in rich, black volcanic soil. The growing area is in a protected tropical rainforest gives the coffee a unique flavour, great acidity and bold body.

Today, Hacienda Don Julian has 60,000 pacamara, 15,000 geisha, 10,000 typica plants on site. The pacamara has won many awards including Best of Panama, so has our Typica…..the geisha are still young but very healthy.

This farm has not only the best coffee but also has an absolutely protected environment, 100% pollution-free. Thousands of trees have incredible harmony with coffee plants, all we can hear are birds chipping sound, water sound( a small river run thru this farm), and wind sound.

Pacamara is a hybrid of two coffee varietals: Pacas, which is a Bourbon mutation, and Maragogipe, which is a Typica mutation. It was developed in El Salvador in the mid-twentieth century. The mixture at its best produces very deep, brothy flavours that always seem reminiscent of dark fruit like plums, raisins and prunes.

This is a natural processed coffee, a brief explanation of which is required to understand the terminology. Since the advent of micro-milling machines, most notably that developed by Penagos in Colombia, small farms have the ability to process their own coffee for a somewhat modest cost of entry.

These machines use pressurized water mist to strip away the outer skin of the coffee cherry and can remove pulp (the fruit surrounding the coffee husk) to a fine tolerance, leaving selective amounts of pulp to dry on the husk. When all the pulp is removed it is fully washed. When a tiny amount remains, it is called yellow honey; when a little more remains it is considered red honey, and a lot remaining is black honey. Neither the skin nor the pulp being removed results in a natural processed coffee (like this one).

This Pacamara coffee will blow your mind away. Very juicy mouthfeel with tropical fruit, raspberry & pineapple fruity notes, some spice notes finish that commonly found in Pacamara coffee. A wonderful coffee to slowly sip in the evening.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date 2nd of December 十二月二號