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Panama Finca Esther Carbonic Maceration 巴拿馬 艾絲特莊園 二氧化碳浸漬

Quantity: 225g

Red Wine, Winey Cherries, Lemon, Strong Flavor & Juicy

Variety 卡杜艾
Processing 二氧化碳浸漬
Carbonic Maceration
Region Boquete
Altitude 1500-1700 masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes 紅酒、酒漬櫻桃、檸檬、風味強勁鮮明、酸質明亮多汁
Red Wine, Winey Cherries, Lemon, Strong Flavor & Juicy

About this coffee :

波奎特(Boquete)是巴拿馬最精華的生產區域,是世界上最佳的咖啡 生長環境,面加勒比海溫柔多情的海風,背有大西洋嚴冷的夜襲, 山高且陡,土壤貧脊,有許多著名”家族經營”的小農場或莊園, 生產出與眾不同獨一無二的咖啡,每年巴拿馬BOP都有七成以上的 獲獎莊園來自這精美的產區。波奎特咖啡很柔順,酸度均衡度完美, 香氣極富特色。

本批次巴拿馬 波奎特 艾絲特莊園(Finca Esther) 二氧化碳浸漬法 卡杜艾種 咖啡豆,產自巴拿馬 精品豆傳統 波奎特(Boquete)產區的火山峽谷, 咖啡樹種植在遮蔭的樹林,是一支巴拿馬優質難得的精品咖啡豆,採用 非常特殊的 二氧化碳浸漬法 (Carbonic Maceration),呈現酒漬櫻桃 迷人風味,一般咖啡生豆用傳統日曬處理法,除了原有本身具備區塊微型 氣候,加上土壤肥料加成等天然條件外,採用二氧化碳浸漬法,會阻隔 氧氣接觸,使其酒香風味更為突出,有點像是釀酒技術一樣異曲同工之妙。

巴拿馬水洗或是日曬咖啡, 目前都是使用傳統處理法來處理生豆,一來 厭氧技術高,沒有經驗很容易失敗 造成損失巨大,二來厭氧發酵時間和 溫度掌握,需要累積經驗 才有好的批次生產出來,今天難得看到巴拿馬 莊園 使用二氧化碳浸漬法新銳處理法,也是第一次品嘗此種處理法特殊 風味。

這款咖啡確實令人大開眼界。 發酵處理後產生了許多濃郁的酒香,非常多汁且果味濃郁。 一口會給你很大的驚喜。

Boquete is Panama’s most elite production area and the best coffee growing environment in the world. It faces the gentle and sentimental sea breeze of the Caribbean Sea, and is backed by the cold night attack of the Atlantic Ocean. The mountains are high and steep, the soil is poor and there are many ridges. The famous "family-run" small farms or manors produce unique and unique coffee. Every year, more than 70% of the award-winning manors in Panama BOP come from this exquisite production area. Boquete coffee is very soft, with perfect acidity balance and a very characteristic aroma.

This batch of Finca Esther, Panama’s Finca Esther, is carbonic maceration coffee beans, produced in the volcanic gorge in the traditional Boquete production area of ​​Panama’s fine beans. The coffee trees are planted in shaded. The woods is a high-quality and rare boutique coffee bean in Panama. It adopts a very special Carbonic Maceration method to present the charming flavor of wine-stained cherries.

Generally, the green coffee beans are processed by traditional sunlight, except for the original block. In addition to the micro-climate and natural conditions such as the addition of soil fertilizers, the use of carbon dioxide impregnation method will block oxygen contact and make the wine flavor more prominent, which is a bit like winemaking technology with the same effect.

Panama washed or sun-dried coffee is currently processed by traditional processing methods. First, the CM technology is complex, and no experience can easily fail and cause huge losses. Second, the CM fermentation time and temperature need to be accumulated. Good batches are produced. Today, it is rare to see Panama farm using cutting-edge CM treatment, and it is the first time to taste the special flavor of this treatment.

This CM coffee is truly an eye opener. With lots of strong winey flavours developed from the CM fermentation processed, very juicy and fruity cuppa. It will give you a big wow on first sip. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 20th of May