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Peru El Cedro Maria Esmilda Esponoza 祕魯 薩德羅 阿爾貝卡家族

Quantity: 225g

Floral. Apple. Rose. Jam.

Variety Caturra & Pache
Processing Washed Organic
Region Jaen Huable
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :


Maria Esmilda 是一名農民,也是卡哈馬卡 Cedros 合作社的成員,我們去年開始與該組織合作。瑪麗亞是合作社微型批次計劃的一部分,她剛剛證明了她去年生產的質量並非僥倖。她有兩個農場,El Pajuro 和 El Cedro,在 Sport Piura 的面積都超過 1830 公頃。他們主要種植 Caturra,但也種植 Pache。將咖啡去漿,濕法發酵 22 小時,然後在拋物線乾燥機中乾燥。

Maria 去年的成功,當時她提供了我們從秘魯獲得的最好的咖啡之一,這激勵了她的三個兒子。每個人都有自己的農場,今年他們都交付了出色的微批次,這意味著我們有四個來自同一個家庭。

支持和質量控制由合作社管理。對於符合我們的微型批次計劃的批次,它們必須達到 87 分以上,具有獨特的風味,具有良好的物理特性,並且符合我們的濕度和 aW 標準,以最大限度地延長保質期。


This coffee is part of a series of organic coffees from small cooperatives in Peru that are all engaged in a reforestation program as part of a producer-led holistic solution to the complex sustainability challenges they face. 

Maria Esmilda is a farmer and a member of the Cedros Cooperative in Cajamarca, a group we started to work with last year. Maria is part of the cooperative’s micro-lot program and just proved that the quality she produced last year was no fluke. She has two farms, El Pajuro and El Cedro that are one hectare each above 1830 masl in Sport Piura. They are mainly growing Caturra, but also Pache. The coffee is depulped, wet fermented for 22 hours, and then dried in a parabolic dryer.

Maria’s success last year, when she delivered one of the best coffees we had from Peru, has inspired her three sons. Each has his own farm, and this year they all delivered outstanding micro-lots, meaning we have four from the same family.

The support and quality control are managed by the cooperative. For the lots to qualify for our micro-lot program they have to cup above 87 points with distinct flavours, have good physical properties, and be within our standards on humidity and aW to maximize shelf life.

This organic coffee has soothing fruity floral notes that make a comforting cuppa. With notes of apple juiciness with rose floral notes, finish with jammy sweetness. A nice pick for an after lunch cuppa. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date
31st of May 五月三十一號