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Peru San Ignacio El Guayacan 祕魯 生命之樹

Quantity: 225g

紅葡萄 果汁般 巧克力 悠長的甜感
Red Grapes, Juice-Like, Chocolate, Long Sweetness

Variety 鐵比卡,卡杜拉,波旁
Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Processing Washed
Region Cajamarca San Ignacio
Altitude 2100 masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes 紅葡萄 果汁般 巧克力 悠長的甜感
Red Grapes, Juice-Like, Chocolate, Long Sweetness

About this coffee :

安地斯山脈(Andes Mountains)縱貫臨海國的祕魯全境,使得祕魯有非常極端的地形變化, 從海平面到境內6,768m的最高峰(Huascaran),高差接近7,000m,祕魯境內超過6,000m 海拔的高峰就有30座以上,其地形之獨特可見一斑。世界上最高(約3,812m)的可航行 高山湖泊的的喀喀湖(Titicaca Lake) 作為祕魯與玻利維亞的國界湖,也有一半屬於 秘魯。豐富的微型氣候,氣候上,祕魯幅員並不特別廣大,但在全世界的32種氣候 分類,祕魯境內有28種!除了高山地形,東方與亞馬遜叢林的雨林氣候,沙漠、 熱帶草原、極地氣候等等,都可以在祕魯見到。

卡哈馬卡(Cajamarca)的生產商團結起來提高質量,提高生產率並倡導公平貿易。 儘管它是秘魯的第二大咖啡產區,但它也是最貧窮的地區。 現在,合作社使小農戶能夠在這種完全適合的環境中生產優質咖啡,同時還提供公平的補償。


The Andes Mountains run through the entire territory of Peru, which is a coastal country, causing extreme terrain changes in Peru. From sea level to the highest peak (Huascaran) of 6,768m in the territory, the height difference is close to 7,000m, and the territory of Peru exceeds 6,000. There are more than 30 peaks at m altitude, which is evident in the unique topography. Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable mountain lake in the world (about 3,812m), is the border lake between Peru and Bolivia, half of which belongs to Peru.

Producers of Cajamarca have banded together to improve quality, increase productivity, and advocate for fair trade. Although it's the second largest coffee growing region in Peru, it is also the poorest. The cooperative now enables the smallholder farmers to produce extraordinary coffee in this perfectly suited environment, while also offering fair compensation.

The El Guayacan shows a depth of complexity in it's chocolate-like sweetness and red grape juicy mouthfeel. A delightful coffee to enjoy in the morning.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 19th of October 十月十九號