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Pinarello 賓納里歐配方

Quantity: 450g

Orange. Roasted Walnut. Chocolate finish

About this coffee :




「賓納里歐配方」於2013年送往義大利協會 ICT (International Coffee Tasting) 大賽榮獲金獎榮耀,相信您一定會喜歡!

Pinarello is an espresso blend formulated in the style of Northern Italian roasting. On the first sip, you will taste soft fruitiness, round and thick mouthfeel, and long rich chocolate finish. Whether drinking espresso, making American coffee, or mixing with milk, it has different characteristics. 

This espresso blend coffee is one of the bestselling coffee beans by DaVinci Coffee. The Pinarello was sent to the Italian Association ICT (International Coffee Tasting) competition in 2013 and won the gold medal. 

This coffee is tangy & makes a very sweet espresso, with hints of floral surrounding your palate & a roasted walnut chocolate long finish. Very enjoyable cup of coffee! 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 2-2.5
Ground coffee 17g
Espresso output 36g-45g
Brew time 28-35 seconds
Roast Level Northern Italian Roast
Roast Date 25th of March 三月二十五號