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Rwanda Mahembe #2 盧安達 瑪荷比處理廠

Quantity: 225g

甜檸檬, 李子, 黑醋栗, 烏龍茶, 黑糖風味
Sweet Lemon. Blackcurrant. Plum. Brown Sugar.

Variety Red Bourbon
Region Nyamasheke
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Mahembe 是一個私人擁有的處理廠,由 Justin Musabyimana 擁有,他也種植自己的咖啡。賈斯汀在當地長大,搬家一段時間後,決定回家投資社區,在他父親的咖啡種植園建造濕磨坊。

他擁有自己的 8 公頃農場,並從周圍的小農那裡購買咖啡果。這個地區不像盧安達其他地區那樣以優質咖啡而聞名,但海拔很高,越來越多的農民在高海拔地區種植咖啡。

盧安達整個季節的大部分時間氣候都比較涼爽,這有助於控制發酵過程。 Penagos Eco 碎漿機可去除皮膚、果肉和 70% 的粘膜。然後將咖啡乾髮酵 10-12 小時。在此之後,咖啡豆被分級並在通道中清洗,根據密度分為兩個等級,然後在水箱中的清水中浸泡 16 小時。

豆子最初被帶到陰涼處的預乾燥台上,當豆子還濕的時候,這裡進行了大量的手工分類,因為此時更容易看到缺陷。豆子在非洲乾燥床上乾燥長達 21 天,在此期間,豆子在一天中最熱的時間、晚上和下雨的任何時候都被遮光網覆蓋。 Mahembe 用咖啡漿製作有機肥料。


Mahembe is a privately owned washing station, owned by Justin Musabyimana who also grows his own coffee. Justin grew up in the local area and, after moving away for some time, decided to come back home and invest in the community by building a wet mill on his father’s coffee plantation.

He has an 8-hectare farm of his own and buys cherries from the surrounding smallholders. This area is not as well known for quality coffees as some other parts of Rwanda but has great altitudes and an increasing number of farmers growing coffee at the higher altitudes. 

The climate through most of the season in Rwanda is relatively cool, which assists in controlling the fermentation process. A Penagos Eco Pulper removes the skin, pulp and 70% of the mucilage. The coffee is then dry fermented for 10-12 hours. After this the parchment is graded and washed in channels, it is separated into two grades based on density before being soaked under clean water in tanks for 16 hours.

The parchment is initially taken to pre-drying tables, which are under shade, and where, while the parchment is still wet, a lot of hand sorting is done as it is much easier to see defects at this point. The parchment is dried on African drying beds for up to 21 days, during which time the parchment is covered by a shade net during the hottest hours of the day, at night, and anytime it rains. Mahembe makes organic fertiliser from the coffee pulp.

This Rwanda coffee is super clean & juicy. The delightful vibrancy of sweet lemon, blackcurrant & plum fruitiness, finishes with brown sugar sweet aftertaste. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date
31st of May 五月三十一號