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Rwanda Nyaruguru Fugi Experiment Intango 100HRS 盧安達 亞魯古魯 富士處理廠 日曬處理 100 小時特殊陶甕 (Intango)發酵實驗批次

Quantity: 225g

Cantaloupe. Carambola Juice. Pineapple. Ebony. Malt.

Variety Bourbon
Processing Anaerobic Natural
Region Nyaruguru District
Altitude 1800 masl
Roast Level Medium Dark Roast

About this coffee :

自 2017 年以來,出於對咖啡的全心全意和熱愛,他一直在處理全洗、日曬和蜜處理。基伍湖岸邊的位置帶來微風和柔和的陽光,非常適合均勻冷卻和乾燥咖啡豆。通過與步行或騎自行車將櫻桃帶到清洗站的 1,500 名當地小農密切合作,這裡生產了一些出色而濃郁的水洗、蜂蜜和日曬咖啡。布戈伊洗滌站80%的工人是女性。

Emmanuel 也在試驗厭氧處理。杯子外形因條件而異。水洗處理創造出更生動的杯子輪廓,而日曬則更加強烈的香氣。咖啡發酵 100 小時後,將咖啡豆鋪在乾燥床上,每兩小時翻轉一次。在最初的五天內,豆子通過避免陽光直射而慢慢乾燥。


Bugoyi Washing Station is located in Rutsiro District. With full dedication and love for his coffee, he has been processing fully washed, naturals and honeys since 2017. The location on the shore of Lake Kivu brings a light breeze and soft sunlight, ideal for cooling and drying the beans evenly. In close collaboration with 1,500 local smallholder farmers who bring their cherries to the washing station on foot or by bicycle, some outstanding and full-bodied washed, honeys and naturals are produced here. 80% of the workers at Bugoyi Washing Station are women.

Emmanuel is also experimenting with anaerobic processing. The cup profile differs depending on the conditions. Wet processing creates a livelier cup profile, while dry processing is more intense. After the coffee is fermented for 100 hours, the beans are spread on drying beds and turned every two hours. The beans are dried slowly by being protected from direct sunlight during the first five days.

As a result, you'll get a super fruity coffee with a refreshing mouthfeel. Lots of cantaloupes, carambola & pineapple juicy notes, finish with a malty sweet finish. A lovely coffee to enjoy in the afternoon. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 20g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 18th of January