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Taiwan Alishan Zou Zhou Yuan Anaerobic 台灣 阿里山 鄒築園 厭氣日曬

Quantity: 100g

Rose. Grape. Berry. Milk Chocolate. Brandy Aromatics.

Variety 鐵皮卡
Processing 厭氣乾式處理法
Anaerobic Natural Processed
Region 阿里山 Alishan, Chiayi
Altitude 1300masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

鄒築園─鄒人建築夢想的莊園,位於阿里山鄉樂野部落,園主為鄒族青年方政倫, 家族本以種植高山茶與蝴蝶蘭起家, 但於台灣咖啡首次評鑑獲得特得獎後,便逐漸轉型投入咖啡產業, 至今已邁入第19年,具有實驗精神及樂於分享的他也引領了阿里山種植高山咖啡的風潮, 2017年更因此獲得台灣十大神農獎殊榮,2018年底更是贏得亞洲咖啡年會Abody亞洲生豆冠軍。

鄒築園園區咖啡種植海拔約1200至1300公尺,擁有品種約十幾種,方政倫因家族產業的關係, 將高山茶與蝴蝶蘭所需的精緻化管理套用在高山咖啡的種植,再加上理工的研究精神, 不斷的精進其在咖啡的後製處理法,在這十來年間使得阿里山咖啡在業界有相當好的評價。 處理法不是套用公式,但品質是唯一追求。



Zou Zhou Yuan, the Zou people’s dream home, is located in Leye tribe, Alishan Township. The owner is Fang Zhenglun, a young Tsou nationality. The family started by planting high mountain tea and phalaenopsis, but after the first evaluation of Taiwanese coffee won the special award, He has gradually transformed into the coffee industry and has entered the 19th year. He has an experimental spirit and is willing to share. He has also led the trend of planting high mountain coffee in Alishan. In 2017, he won the top ten Shennong Award in Taiwan and won the end of 2018. Abody Asian Green Bean Champion at the Asian Coffee Annual Conference.

The coffee plantation in Zou Zhuyuan Park is about 1200 to 1300 meters above sea level, and there are about a dozen varieties. Due to the family industry, Fang Zhenglun applies the refined management required for high mountain tea and phalaenopsis to the planting of high mountain coffee. The research spirit and continuous improvement of its post-processing methods in coffee have made Alishan Coffee a very good evaluation in the industry during the past ten years. The treatment method is not a formula, but the quality is the only pursuit.

Coffee planting, planting, fertilization, irrigation, field management, and the growth period of two to three years before coffee fruits can be harvested! It is not easy from the beginning of the harvest. On the slope, carefully pick the ripe red fruits one by one. After returning to the processing plant, buoyancy screening was carried out, and some bad fruits were eliminated, and then the problematic fruits were eliminated again on the raised bed. After discussion, this time we adopted the anaerobic fermentation method and classified the fruits with different parameters.

After the preliminary post-production, after many days of drying, we tested in batches and discussed with cupping to determine the tonality we most want to present this time! After confirmation, let the beans rest for a few weeks, and hull parchment on the eve of the contest handover, pick out the defective beans again by hand and send the best essence to the contest. Those beans smell very fragrant but must be removed for reasons such as appearance or blemishes. Therefore, we can only produce less than 20 kg of raw beans with 100 kg of fruit, which tells the hard work that Taiwanese beans have to pay for after high-quality beans. Labour and wastage, just to present a delicious cup of coffee at the end!

This coffee will give you a big wow on the first sip with layers of great complexity. You'll get rose floral aromatics, with grape & berries fruitiness, pair with chocolate & brandy aroma on finish. A coffee that you'll put into the list of most memorable coffee.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 5th of July ( Pre-order )