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Uganda Kingha Collective 烏干達 金哈合作社

Quantity: 225g

Lemongrass. Blackcurrant. Stonefruit.

Variety SL28, SL34, SL14
Processing Washed
Region Kinungo Bwindi
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Bwindi Kingha Collective 是一種經過水洗和乾發酵的咖啡。它是該地區通常種植和種植的SL品種的混合物。這些咖啡由主要位於布恩迪難以穿越的森林周圍山丘上的一個農民團體種植。將這種混和物命名為Bwindi很合適,因為大多數外出務農的農民將年復一年地保持不變。

這杯咖啡是Kingha Estates種植者的新項目的一部分。金哈莊園的所有者金斯利·格里芬(Kingsley Griffin)致力於與當地農民合作以提高他們的收入,並認為不同的加工協議有可能提高質量。我們所有名稱為Kingha Collective的咖啡都是來自Kinungu區(與Kingha Estate位於同一地區)的小農場的咖啡。

布恩迪(Bwindi)與金哈莊園(Kingha Estate)處於同一地點,那裡的海拔範圍從1300到1600馬斯拉。櫻桃是從農民那裡購買的,並在Kingha Estate進行加工和乾燥,該公司擁有一個濕紙廠,可作為公用微型洗滌站。

這種混合物是一個41袋的批次,是在數週的時間內採摘的。漂浮這些櫻桃,然後用Penagos Eco-Pulper製漿,但繞過去黏液劑,將所有黏液保持在羊皮紙上。咖啡從那裡進入發酵罐,然後在高架桌上小心乾燥,部分放在陰涼處,並遮蓋雨水。


Bwindi Kingha Collective is a washed and dry-fermented coffee. It is a blend of SL varieties commonly planted and grown in the region. The coffees are grown by a farmer group located predominantly in the hills surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Naming this blend Bwindi is fitting as the majority of the outgrower farmers will remain the same year after year.

This coffee is part of a new project with Kingha Estates outgrowers. Kingsley Griffin, the owner of Kingha Estate, is committed to working with local farmers to improve their income and believes different processing protocols have the potential to increase quality. All our coffees with the name Kingha Collective are coffees from small farms in Kinungu District, the same district as Kingha Estate.

Bwindi is in the same locality as Kingha Estate, where altitudes range from 1300 to 1600 masl. The cherries are purchased from the farmers and processed and dried at Kingha Estate, which has a wet mill that operates as a communal micro-washing station.

This blend is a 41 bag lot, picked over a period of some weeks. These cherries are floated, then pulped by a Penagos Eco-Pulper, but by-passing the demucilager, keeping all mucilage on the parchment. From there the coffee goes to a tank for fermentation before it is carefully dried on raised tables, partially under shade and cover from the rain.

This Uganda coffee gives you a big surprise. Although it grows from a different country, it still carries the classic fruitiness of SL28 & SL34. Vibrant aromatics of lemongrass, pair with black currant & stonefruit characteristics that we familiar with. Definitely love at first sip!

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91oc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date 29th of March