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Cloud Catcher

The People

Elvin & Alex | Coffee Roasters

The Story

Through friendship and a sincere desire to be in a culture where exceptional coffee was just the norm, Cloud Catcher spawned over a coffee tour in Melbourne, Australia.

The love affair of coffee has taken on a journey to seek out the best green beans. They hunt and handpick all our coffee beans and personally get to know all the farmers at origin. Sustainable relationships with farmers are the foundation of philosophy. The farmers are well compensated above market standards so that every green bean produced is grown with love and all our coffees taste exquisite.

Cloud Catcher is proud to be a part of Project Origin, founded by World Barista Champion 2015 Sasa Sestic, owner of ONA Coffee, Australia. They work closely with Project Origin to improve quality of life, as well as refine and build the production infrastructure of farmers who have a positive attitude towards sustainability and continued development.

The Coffee Roasting Machine

Giesen W15A Coffee Roaster

The Place

19, Jalan 51/225A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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