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Chocolate Concierge

Malaysia Melaka - 100% Drinking Chocolate Shards


Hawthorn. Honey. Black Tea.

Cacao Origin Panchor & Lendu, Melaka
Ingredients Cacao beans & cocoa butter
Weight 200g

About this chocolate bar:

Our drinking chocolate is made from the same chocolate as our single origin bars. Once the cacao nibs are ground, it's made into big block without tempering. Hence it's easy to melt into a chocolate drink, you can add milk or hot water to your preference.

Melaka comprises cacao from two clusters - Panchor and Lendu. Here, cacao is inter-cropped with coconut and the coastal climate influences the flavour profile expression. The chocolate profile is hawthorns and honey that finishes with black tea.

This 100% dark chocolate is perfect for people who are doing a ketogenic & sugar-free diet. It's keto-friendly, very nutritious and a powerful source of antioxidants. 

Perceived Sweetness 1/5
Perceived Bitterness 5/5

About Chocolate Concierge:

Chocolate Concierge has a mission to deliver magic with every single bite. This requires not only the highest-quality tree-to-bar chocolate but also a commitment towards protecting the environment and empowering indigenous cacao-growing communities.

We commit to raising the quality of Malaysian cacao and chocolate by integrating best practices and scientific approaches into the farming and chocolate-making processes. Every member of our team is committed to this mission, which is reflected in the way they serve.

Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1. Preheat your favourite mug.

2. Scoop up approximately 25g of chocolate powder into a 250ml cup.

3. Using a small amount of hot water, stir & whip to a shiny paste.

4. Opt for one or the other: mix with 100ml water or 100ml of steamed milk. Add on your preferred sweetener, we prefer stevia or monk fruit sweetener.

5. Enjoy your hot chocolate!

Handcrafted in Malaysia
* Sugar, Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

Best Before June 2023

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