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Colombia Julio Pasteles 哥倫比亞 考卡 胡立歐 帕斯特

Quantity: 225g

Apple. Mandarin Orange. Hazelnut. Floral.

Variety 波旁
Processing Washed
Region Cauca, Huila
Altitude 2000masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Quantity 225g

About this coffee :

Julio Pasteles 在很小的時候就開始接觸咖啡。高中畢業後,他是一名咖啡採摘者。在收穫期間前往附近的農場幫助農民謀生。幾年後,他的父母給了他一塊土地,開始種植咖啡。用他存下來的錢,他開始種植一些卡杜拉樹。從那時起,他停止為其他人工作,並全職致力於他的咖啡農場。 15 年後,胡里奧決定生產精品咖啡,因為他了解到有一個市場可以為更好的咖啡支付更高的價格。

Julio 農場的咖啡是有選擇性的手工和嚴格的採摘。在受控溫度的咖啡果中發酵 48 至 50 小時。在指定的熟化過程中收集咖啡。發酵後,咖啡在筒倉中放置數小時,然後移至日光乾燥 28 天。咖啡存放 3 個月,以幫助穩定它並減少新鮮度的澀味。


Julio Pasteles started relating to coffee at a very early age. After high school, he was a coffee picker. Travelled to neighbour farms helping farmers during the harvest to earn a living. A few years later, his parents gave him a piece of their land to start coffee plantation. With the money he saved, he started growing some caturra trees. From then he stopped working for other people & dedicated full time to his coffee farm. 15 years later, Julio decided to produce specialty coffee as he learned that there was a market that paid better prices for better coffee.

Coffee at Julio's farm is selectively manual and rigorous picking. Between 48 and 50 hours of fermentation in cherry with controlled temperature. The coffee is collected in the indicated maturation. After fermentation, the coffee is left for hours in the silo and then is moved to solar drying for 28 days. Coffee is left in storage for 3 months to help stabilize it and reduce the astringency of freshness.

The coffee is incredibly sweet with lots of fruity floral qualities. With apple, mandarin orange & floral long aftertaste, pair with hints of hazelnut. A great example of well processed washed coffee!

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 27th of June 六月二十七號