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Seniman Kakao

Cocoa Nibs - Pahang Jengka

Region Pahang Jengka
Ingredients 100% roasted Malaysia cacao nibs
Weight 200g

About this chocolate bar:

Cacao nibs are small pieces of crushed cacao beans — or cocoa beans — that have a bittersweet, chocolatey flavour. These rich roasted cacao nibs are crunchy & loaded with nutrients and powerful plant compounds that have been shown to benefit health in many ways.

You can sprinkle on top of yoghurt, ice cream, cookie dough, granola, salad etc, you name it. Our favourite pair goes to muesli & overnight oat for additional crunch & bite.  

About Seniman Kakao:

Specialty chocolate from Malaysia. Over 90% of the world's chocolate is produced from inferior tasting cocoa beans. Of the rest, most are grown for maximum profit, bulk-roasted for maximum profit and has additives to ensure maximum shelf-life. The result is often called fine Belgian chocolate or French luxury chocolate - it's good, but it lacks many of the flavours possible if the cocoa is carefully crafted.

Seniman Kakao is here to reinvigorate the Malaysian cacao industry and bring quality Malaysian chocolate to the world.

Most producers are exploited, ours are paid according to the quality of cacao they supply us and about 300% the market rates, which makes it truly sustainable and competitive with palm oil. Growth in the Malaysian cacao industry can help prevent Malaysia’s economic reliance on palm oil and is environmentally more sustainable. 

Handcrafted in Malaysia
* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

Best Before: 1st September 2022

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