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Malaysia Kelantan - 100% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate bar order before 12 pm & ship in the evening
All Chocolate Concierge products are Halal Certified


Cacao Origin Kelantan
Ingredients Cocoa
Tasting Note Wood. Marine, with a touch of coconut.
Weight 50g

About this chocolate bar: 

Like single origin coffee beans, the single origin chocolate bar is made of cacao beans from a single Malaysian farm to exhibit its unique flavour characteristics. The cocoa beans have gone through 6 days of fermentation, part in oak. 

Kelantan was awarded the World 50 Best at the Cocoa of Excellence Program, an esteemed global competition to recognize the work of cocoa farmers globally and celebrate quality, flavour diversity and unique origins. Typically coinciding with Salon Du Chocolat in Paris. This is a remarkable achievement.

The cacao trees at this orchard are kept at above 3 meters, taller, when compared to other orchards, due to the occasional flooding that reaches 1.5m once every few years. Trees here have roots that reach deep into the moist, sandy ground in order to anchor against coastal winds.

Gifted the opportunity to work with this origin, our focus is on retaining these unique terroirs in each bar of chocolate, which has a profile of coconut, pear and toasted clove. 

Handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur

* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

All chocolate bars are tempered chocolate, hence it does not melt easily and is safe to ship. We recommend leaving the chocolate bar aside overnight at room temperature once you receive it and the chocolate bar will be perfect to consume the next day.