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Cores Gold Filter C246BK

Pure gold double plating

Cores gold filter is made of 24K gold double plated stainless steel. One of the main causes of coffee degradation is “oxidation”. Gold does not cause any chemical reaction, so the coffee brewed by a gold filter cannot be oxidised and you can enjoy great tasting coffee.

Pure gold coating

A pure gold coating least likely to oxidize highlights the pure flavours and aroma of the coffee beans.

Gold (Au) is the least likely to oxidize among all metals. Mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change occurs as a result. Therefore, it is little affected to the taste and flavours of coffee. Furthermore, we believe that a little number of gold ions are making a positive influence on the taste of the coffee.

Longitudinal slots

Its unique longitudinal slit helps water flow out faster without stressing the beans when brewing, therefore, good quality coffee oil & acidity can be extracted well. Cores is specially designed to brew specialty coffee beans. 

Vertical-shape mesh enables it to extract oil and this shape is suitable for “High temperature-Short extraction”

While the mesh is big enough to be able to see with the naked eye, it has the advantage of extracting coffee flavor oil directly into the cup. Since hot water flows freely, it allows fast extraction which brings out fruity and clean characteristics of specialty coffee.

Punching direction from inside to outside

Every slot is punched from inside to outside to allow water to flow much smoother and faster.

Comparison with paper filter

In the case of a paper filter, water flows down to the bottom of the filter along the paper rather than passing through the paper. Also the coffee oil that enhances the taste of coffee is absorbed into the paper and not extracted in the coffee liquid.

As for the gold filter, water passes easily through the filter and flows smoothly down along the outside. And, of course, coffee oil can pass through the filter. There you enjoy all the original good taste and flavour of coffee with our cores gold filter. 

Product Dimension :

Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Polypropylene
W12×D10×H7.5cm, 20g
Heat resistance temperature: 130