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Ghostbird Coffee

Owlsome Drip Bag Coffee - Malaysia, Sabah Ranau


Our drip bag coffee is a convenient and easy way to brew a cup of cafe style specialty coffee anywhere and at any time. At the home, office, travelling or just to kick start a wonderful morning. All you need is just a mug and hot water.

Sweet & Nutty - Sabah, Ranau

Region: Ranau, Sabah

Elevation: 1300 - 1450 masl

Variety: Catimor

Processing: Washed

Tasting Note: Tropical Fruit, Hazelnut Sweetness, Medium Body, Cocoa smooth lingering finish.

Each box comes with 6 servings

Brewing Guide:

1. Tear off the drip bag along the dotted line
2. Pull out the hangers and hang them in your mug
3. Pour over 30ml hot water for 30 seconds for blooming
4. Slowly pour the remaining 120ml water 
(Total water: 150ml, Total Brewing Time: 2 minutes)
5. Remove the drip bag & Enjoy!

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