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Lemuel Chocolate

Peru Ucayali - 70% Dark Chocolate

Raisin. Dried Fruit. Wine.

Cocoa Origin Pucallpa
Cocoa Variety Trinitario & Criollo
Ingredients Cocoa beans & organic raw cane sugar
Award Academy of Chocolate UK (Bronze Award) 2018, Great Taste Award (2 Stars) 2019
Weight 70g

About this chocolate bar:

Like single origin coffee beans, the single origin chocolate bar is made of cocoa beans from a single cocoa farm to exhibit its unique flavour characteristics. Lemuel Chocolate made the chocolate bar with only cocoa beans & organic cane sugar, no nasty additives & chemicals. The cleanest & purest chocolate bar!

Ucayali River Cacao is located near Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru.  Until recently this area has not been known for fine cacao, but due to the efforts of USAID and Alianza Cacao of Peru there are farmers that are abandoning coca production for Cacao, Coffee and Oil Palm. URC is working together with USAID and Alianza Cacao of Peru to purchase raw materials from these farmers at a price above the market. The goal is to produce high-quality fine cacao while helping these farmers earn a legitimate income rather than returning to coca production

Many of them are located within a 30 minute drive from our processing facility.  We believe that one of our main roles with our farmers is for us to handle the time consuming duty of fermentation and drying of their cacao.  Considering the extra money that the farmer would make doing the post harvest work compared to if they spend that time taking better care of their crop and improving production, their best return is when they can improve their yield.  When the farmer does his own ferment they must stop all work in their fields every time that it rains, which is often, to cover their drying cacao. As well they must stop work in their fields to turn the cacao daily.  

In addition, they must find a buyer and deliver their dried cacao to a buyer that likely will cheat them on weight and/or price.  Since we pick up the wet cacao at collection stations every 15 days, much of this extra work can be put into increasing their production, which is where most of their money is made.

About Lemuel Chocolate:

Lemuel Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Singapore, established in August 2017. The passion of the founder Ronald led to experiencing the bean-to-bar process and learning to appreciate and create unique tasting chocolates with quality and transparency in mind.

We hope you can taste the love we have put into each and every chocolate bar. Enjoy!

Handcrafted in Singapore
* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

All chocolate bars are tempered chocolate & individually wrapped with an additional protective layer, hence it does not melt easily and is safe to ship. We recommend leaving the chocolate bar aside overnight at room temperature once you receive it and the chocolate bar will be perfect to consume the next day.

Best Before 9th March 2023

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