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VWI 咖啡濾泡包 Coffee Brew Bag




It is made into a teabag style VWI coffee brew bag, can be brewed hot or cold, which is more convenient and diversified, and it is easier to get a good cup of coffee

The teabag type coffee filter bubble bag has multiple usages-hot and cold brewing; more versatile-directly steeped in milk to make milk beverages, put into the wine to make coffee cocktails, etc.

The filter bag is made of PLA environmental protection material, so there is no need to worry about the smell of paper. The immersion method is not restricted by the brewing equipment. As long as there is hot water, there is a cup of good coffee.

What's inside the box:

巴西 摩羯座 蜜處理
Brazil Parana Honey

花生醬與可可 Peanut butter & cocoa
榛果尾韻 Hazelnut finish
些微蘋果酸質 Apple hints
圓潤體酯  Rounded mouthfeel


衣索比亞 西達摩 原生種 日曬
Ethiopia Sidama Heirloom Natural

柳橙與蘭花 Mandarin orange & orchid
白毫銀針茶尾韻 Silver line white tea finish
黃金奇異果酸質 Golden kiwi brightness
果汁感體酯 Fruit juicy mouthfeel

成分:100% 研磨咖啡
Ingredient: 100% ground coffee

重量:每包 11+/-0.5g 

每盒含 8包 濾泡包
Contains 8 packs in a box

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