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January Box

artisan roastery

Artisan Roastery

Kenya Kariru AB

SL28 & SL34 | Fully Washed

White Grape. Ripe Orange. Mixed Fruit Cordail.

Colombia La Falda

Caturra | Fully Washed

Coffee Blossom. Nougat. Wild Honey.

El Salvador Los Pirineos - Espresso

Bourbon | Fully Washed

Figs. Honey. Stevia.


Q Cup Roastery

Ethiopia Chelichele

Mixed Heirloom | Fully Washed

Blueberry. Blackcurrant. Oolong Tea.

Honduras Miguel Armando

Pacas | Fully Washed

Lychee. Guava. Apricot.

Indonesia Sumatra Gayo - Espresso

Catimor & Typica | Semi Washed

Dark Chocolate. Cinnamon.