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Free shipping on coffee subscriptions and all orders of RM80 or more

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Costa Rica Tarrazu Palmichal Dark Roast

Preparation: Whole Bean
Quantity: 500g

Roasted on the 7th of October
250g pack beans in stock, order by 12 pm & ship in the evening
500g & 1kg pack fresh roast to order every weekend, ship within 3-5 working days
100% arabica coffee beans only

Variety Red Caturra 
Processing Honey
Altitude 1200-2000masl 
Region Tarrazu
Roast Level Dark Roast
Tasting Note Roasted Mixed Nut. Dark Chocolate.
Quantity 250g
About BEAM:

About this coffee:

Palmichal Micro-Mill is a new project that started this harvest 2015-2016 with 30 farmers. It is located in Palmichal and processes coffees from Palmichal, Puriscal, Tarrazu, Frailes.

Palmichal goal is to find farmers with unique coffees, perform a flawless milling process, and deliver coffee to quality-conscious importers and micro-roasters. Their model enables them to match coffees from smallholder farmers with specific quality and process requirements. 

Local farmers take the coffee cherries from their farms to the mill in a truck. At the Palmichal micro-mill they measure the coffee cherries by half fanega (Costa Rican unit of coffee measurement). At Palmichal they keep track of every stage the coffee goes through.

This dark roast coffee makes a smooth, bold & strong cup. You'll get the lovely bittersweetness of dark chocolate & roasted mixed nuts, a long lingering aftertaste. The boldness of this coffee makes a creamy latte & brews well on French press too. 

Brewing Recipe : 

20g of coffee to 210ml of water
2-3 minutes, 88ºc brewing temperature

20g of coffee yield to 36g of espresso 
30 - 35 seconds