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Free shipping on coffee subscriptions and all orders of RM80 or more

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Top 3 Winners of Kopi Panggang 2023 Station 1 - Colombia Rafael Amaya Pink Bourbon CM Washed

Size: 3 x 100g

In collaboration with Nano-lot Coffee Roasting, the roasting competition Kopi Panggang 2023 first station was held in The Depot by JWC. Congratulations to all 3 roasters who won the first round!

The Winner Taster Box features all the top 3 highest-scored competition winners' coffee with the same coffee, Colombia Rafael Amaya Pink Bourbon. Here are all three winners in the first station

Champion - Jayson Wun, Woke Artisanal Roasters
1st Runner Up - Jeffery Ang, De Antique
2nd Runner Up - Marcus Pan, Pankour Coffee Roastery

All the coffee beans will roast on the 5th of June and we will arrange to ship out by the 9th of June. Here are the details of the Colombia Rafael Amaya,

Variety Pink Bourbon
Processing Carbonic Maceration Washed
Region Oporapa, La Montana, Huila
Altitude 1800-1900masl
Quantity 3 x 100g

About this coffee :

Rafael Amaya comes from a traditional coffee family from Pitalito, Huila. He has been producing coffee for a long time. He has been involved in the picking process and also he has assisted with the coffee processing at other farms. In 2000, he was lucky enough to buy his first farm. 

Rafael has been growing coffee since then, although it wasn’t until 2015 that he shifted his focus to the production of specialty coffee. So, in 2005 he started attending coffee courses on the processing of specialty, his passion for coffee, and also his aim to get better incomes make him focus to improve his knowledge and understanding in this area.

In 2016, Rafael developed his own formula for fermenting washed coffees to obtain higher profiles, scoring +88. Today, his lots are fermented between 60-130 hours without using water (dry anaerobic fermentation) and inside grain pros.

Roast Date 5th of June (Pre-Order)