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December 03, 2021

If you look into the ingredients of any chocolate bars that you can find in the supermarket aisle, you’ll probably notice that none of the chocolate bars contains cocoa beans 😯

What you’ll definitely see is cocoa mass, which is made by pressing ground cocoa beans to extract cocoa butter, what’s left is cocoa mass 😲

Cocoa butter is a great natural oil for the skin. Hence pharmaceutical companies love cocoa butter to make face or skin products 🧏‍♀️

The cocoa mass contains no cocoa butter, it lacks a buttery texture that we love in chocolate. Hence, masa chocolate makers add emulsifier (soy lecithin) & vegetable oil (ie palm oil) to give the buttery texture.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t find any cocoa beans in the commercial chocolate factory. They probably source only cocoa mass to produce chocolate bars 😱


cocoa pods & beans

The ingredients of chocolate bar are the main separator between commercial and artisanal bean to bar specialty chocolate makers.

Seniman Kakao & Chocolate Concierge source only locally grown cocoa beans within Malaysia. They use whole cocoa beans and grind them all to make chocolate bars, no emulsifier and palm oil is used 😍

Lastly, you may want to look at the sugar content on the nutrition label. 30% of sugar is the perfect amount to enhance the flavours of cocoa, just like adding salt into foods! Beware of those that have more than 40% sugar 😱

If you are on ketogenic & low carb diet, you have to check out the 100% sugar free dark chocolate. Zero sugar, low carb, vegan & packed full of antioxidant 🙌🏼

Don't forget to take a close look at the ingredients of chocolate bars whenever you buy any chocolates. Keep the sugar & additives low and you'll be healthy & happy at all time 😄

PS: Seniman Kakao uses organic cane sugar in all the chocolates ❤️

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