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How To Clean Up All Your Coffee Tools

Have you ever wonder why your coffee at home does not taste as good as it used to? If yes, that means it's time to do a deep clean on all your coffee tools 😲

The usual suspect are your water kettle, coffee grinder & shower screen (for espresso machine) are dirty and it needs cleaning! A routine monthly deep clean is a must to enjoy the cleanest coffee at home. Let's get your hands dirty!


Clean up Limescale Build-up in Water Kettle

You probably notice that your water kettle has limescale build-up on the heating element part. It’s no big deal as drinking water, but it does affect your coffee significantly.

Calcium carbonate in water is responsible for limescale build-up in the kettle. As the hard white substance gets too much, your boiling water will contain more calcium than it originally has.


limescale in water kettle

 Limescale build-up screws up your coffee 

Calcium neutralised acidity. The higher the calcium in the water, the acidity of coffee will be muted and taste kinda earthy.

If you notice that your coffee tastes kinda not as interesting and vibrant as before, check your water kettle!


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) cleans pretty much everything 

To clean up the limescale, just use the almighty baking soda (not baking powder).

Just add lots of baking soda, and some water and brush it off. Your water kettle will look just like new! Of course, any descale tablets work the same too 🤗

We recommend doing cleanup at least once a month, depending on how serious the limescale build-up is. 

You can try to do a before and after tasting by yourself too! You’ll notice your coffee tastes much more delightful and vibrant brightness once you clean up the limescale 😋

PS: If you are brewing coffee with DIY water for coffee, limescale will never build up as there are no calcium in the water 🤩


Deep Clean Coffee Grinder

Sunday weekend is the best time to clean up your grinder. Time to spring clean your coffee gears ✨

Cleaning your grinder is the most important maintenance you have to do on regular basis. The best is to do it at least once a month ☝🏼

Clean grinders not only ensure your coffee is clean and delicious at all times but also prolong the life of the grinder’s motor 🙌🏼

Cumulated fines are stuck on the burr and give resistance to the motor to perform at its ideal performance. This slows down the grinding speed and of course, coffee tastes dirty, bitter & horrible aftertaste 🤮


dirty coffee grinder

Dirty grinder makes dirty coffee

If your coffee tastes unpalatable aftertaste, that means your grinder is dirty and it’s time for a deep cleaning! 

Here are a couple of grinder cleaning tips for you 😉 

1. We highly recommend having a dedicated brush for your grinder. This is for hygiene reasons & you can easily brush off all the fines. Food grade brush is the best!

2. Use a toothpick or skewer to pick out all the fines that are stuck in the burr. A wooden toothpick is best and you can dispose of it after each use.

3. Use a tissue to wipe off all fines & oils inside the grinder. The kitchen towel works fine too.

4. A vacuum cleaner is a great tool to speed up the cleaning! We highly encourage you to have a specially dedicated adapter just for the grinder for hygiene reasons 🤗


Grinder cleaning tools

 Brush, skewer & tissue to deep clean your grinder

5. Once a month cleaning is a MUST for 1-2 cups daily. If you brew more coffee on daily basis, monthly or bi-monthly is highly recommended. For cafes, please clean them every single day!

6. Pick a lovely weekend afternoon & slowly take your time to clean your grinder! We like to listen to an album while doing the cleaning 🎶

7. Once done, pick the best coffee you have and enjoy the cleanest-tasting coffee 😍 Worlds Best Coffee is the best choice!

You can check out all the coffee grinders here 


Deep Clean Espresso Shower Screen

A clean machine makes clean tasting espresso. Ensuring your espresso machine is clean at all times not only makes your delicious espresso every day, but also keeps your machine out of trouble 🙌🏼

The shower screen is the area where all the ground gets cumulated. If left unwashed, you’ll be drinking the ground coffee you made yesterday (or don’t know when 🤮) 

We highly recommend removing the shower screen and washing it after every time you are done & switch off the machine. Just rinse with water to clean off all the grounds will do!


dirty espresso shower screen

Coffee oils cumulated in shower screen

If you notice the shower screen gets cloaked up (see the photo above) by coffee oils and fines, use the espresso clean to soak it with hot water and leave it for 15 minutes. The shower screen will look brand new after that 😍

For home brewers, depending on how many coffees you brew, a once a month cleaning with espresso clean is a must. For cafes, every day cleaning is a BIG MUST!

Once clean up, you’ll notice your espresso tastes clean, clear flavours, transparent and absolutely delightful 🤗 

Get ready to make clean tasting espresso!

Hope this helps to make the cleanest tasting coffee at home! Do these cleaning in the weekend and don't forget to brew a clean delicious coffee after that 😊