The Final 12.12 Sale 🎊 save 15% storewide

The Final 12.12 Sale 🎊 save 15% storewide

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Coffee Blog

Learn how to brew the best-tasting espresso at home with Michael Tan, head of wholesale in JWC Roastery! In this video, Michael will guide you through the process of espresso calibration & every detail you must know to brew the Golden Espresso shot ☕️ 

Check out all the coffee beans from JWC Roastery here 

Coffee cupping is the method for coffee professionals to taste lots of coffees at once. It's also a great family & friends coffee tasting session too! Learn coffee cupping & tasting with Michael, JWC Roastery 

98% of coffee is water. Without good water, you can't brew delicious coffee, even with superb coffee beans. This post breaks down everything you need to know about the types of water, brewing temperature & how to make DIY water for coffee brewing. Let's get started!

Serving clean coffee is the No. 1 priority for the best roasters & cafes around the world 🌏 It’s the only thing that differentiates the best cafes from big chains and other cafes! 

For sure, you can brew clean coffee by yourself at home too! Here are a couple of tips for you brew the cleanest coffee at home. Let's get started!

French Press is no doubt the easiest way to brew delicious coffee 🤩 it’s the perfect brewer for starters to begin home brewing. Let's get started!
V60 filter coffee

The coffee dripper is no doubt our favourite brewer & we use it literally every single day! Versatile & super easy to clean are the main reasons why we use a dripper every day 😁

There are dozens of coffee dripper available today, here are couple of things you need to know about coffee dripper. Let’s get started!

The Hario V60 is the most versatile brewer of all time. Here's a guide on how to brew delicious filter coffee with V60. Let's get brewing!

Let's learn how to brew V60 coffee with Skye, founder of BEAM ☕️ Check it out!

The Hario V60 is a great brewer for dark roast coffee. Here's everything you want to know about dark roast coffees. Let's get started!

Iced cold brew coffee is the best cure for hot weather! Here’s a simple guide to making cold brew super easily (and timed perfectly for the hot afternoon)

98% of coffee is water. Without good water, you'll never get a delicious cup of coffee. This post breaks down everything you need to know about water temperature, types of water & how to make DIY water for coffee beans. Let's get started!

espresso naked portafilter

Espresso brewing can be challenging and frustrating. But when got it right, it's the happiest and rewarding moment ever!