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Colombia Los Nogales

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Roasted on the 22nd of January
200g pack beans in stock, order by 12 pm & ship in the evening
1kg pack fresh roast to order every Monday, ship within 3-6 working days
100% arabica coffee beans only, contains no alcohol 


Variety Yellow Bourbon
Processing Anaerobic Washed
Region Inza, Cauca
Altitude 2000masl
Roast Level Medium Roast 
Tasting Note Grape gummies. Pineapple. Cocoa. Vanilla.
Quantity 200g

About Reframe Coffee Roasters:

About this coffee :

Finca Los Nogales is a family farm, or rather a company that combines tradition with innovation. It is located in the hamlet of El Diamante, just outside the town of Bruselas in the southern part of the department of Huila. The farm was founded by members of the Hernandez family around 1940. Its tradition and focus on growing the best coffee was then developed by Mr Ricaurte Hernandéz. After his death, it was unclear for a while what would become of this farm. About six years ago, however, the farm began to prosper under the stewardship of Oscar Hernandéz, Mr Ricaurte’s son, and is now a model for farmers throughout the area.

Science and passion – at Los Nogales, the focus is on innovation. The coffee world is constantly evolving and its connection with scientific knowledge is becoming more and more commonplace, or rather a necessity. Oscar therefore relies on the experience of a biochemist, an agricultural engineer, a microbiologist, as well as an experienced accountant and a very capable manager himself. The passion for what they do is not lacking in anyone, they pull together and if they have any differences of opinion, they take them as an asset.

Processing steps used:

  1. Hand picking of cherries.
  2. Oxidation – the cherries are piled into a larger mass and allowed to oxidize, the temperature in the flesh rises to 50 degrees. The oxidation time was 50 hours.
  3. Washing and removal of floaters, disinfection of washed cherries with ozone.
  4. Peeling the cherries.
  5. Squeezing the juice out of the skins and mixing this liquid with the peeled grains in fermentation plastic barrels. Addition of the required acetic bacteria.
  6. Fermentation for 144 hours.
  7. Washing and drying for 20 days.

Roaster Notes:

A product of fermentation innovations, coffees from Colombia continue to excite our palate and this work by Oscar Hernandéz is really remarkable. The true highlight of this coffee is it’s very complex acidity – a combination of lactic, tartaric and citric, but at just the right amount that the cup remains juicy yet balanced.

This is a deep fruited Colombian coffee with lots of purple fruity flavours. You'll get grape gummies & pineapple fruitiness, cocoa & hints of vanilla finish. 

Brewing Recipe: 

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.8
Ground coffee 18g
Espresso output 33g
Brew time 28-35 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 11
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 2-3 minutes