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Chocolate Concierge

Malaysia Johor My Liberica - 70% Drinking Chocolate Shards


Hazelnut. Panela. Toffee.

Cacao Origin Panchor & Lendu, Melaka
Ingredients Cacao beans and cane sugar
Weight 200g

About this chocolate bar:

Our drinking chocolate is made from the same chocolate as our single origin bars. Once the cacao nibs are ground, it's made into a big block without tempering. Hence it's easy to melt into a chocolate drink, you can add milk or hot water to your preference.

This chocolate bar is made of cacao beans from Kulaijaya, Johor. It has very sweet notes of toffee & hazelnut, pair with panela sweetness on the aftertaste.

About Chocolate Concierge:

Chocolate Concierge has a mission to deliver magic with every single bite. This requires not only the highest-quality tree-to-bar chocolate but also a commitment towards protecting the environment and empowering indigenous cacao-growing communities.

We commit to raising the quality of Malaysian cacao and chocolate by integrating best practices and scientific approaches into the farming and chocolate-making processes. Every member of our team is committed to this mission, which is reflected in the way they serve.

Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1. Pre heat your favourite mug.

2. Scoop up approximately 25g of chocolate powder into a 250ml cup.

3. Using a small amount of hot water, stir & whip to a shiny paste.

4. Opt for one or the other: mix with 100ml water or 100ml of steamed milk.

5. Enjoy your hot chocolate!

Handcrafted in Malaysia
* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

Best Before: 11th August 2022