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Malaysia Sabah Ranau Washed Green Beans


Tropical Fruit. Hazelnut. Cocoa.

Variety Catimor
Region Ranau, Sabah
Producer Fabien William
Harvest June 2021
Tasting Notes
Tropical fruit. Hazelnut sweetness. Medium body. Cocoa smooth lingering finish
Quantity 1kg

About this coffee :

Sabarica is a coffee producer for Sabah’s coffee (Coffea arabica species) harvested with love through sustainable management practices with local coffee plantations in the foothills of Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo.

The plantation of coffee was introduced to locals at Mount Kinabalu in the 1950s yet commercial harvesting with good processing methods was re-introduced to locals again in recent years through the collaboration between Sabarica and the local coffee farmers and with support from our Agriculture Dept.

This is the year 2023 January batch. Coffee cherries were handpicked and pickers are trained to pick only ripe cherries. Once picked, it's washed immediately with fresh clean mountain water and remove all unripe floaters simultaneously. The coffee cherry in whole is poured into depulper to remove cherry skin. The cherry skin is sundried and made into cascara tea

The beans in parchment go into fermentation for a night to remove the sticky layer called mucilage. It's washed again the next day and brought to small greenhouses & sundry on raised beds for 7-14 days. This makes the beans dry in more gentle even heat with aeration, which helps to prolong the green beans' shelf life. Also, gives protection to beans from rain & strong wind. 

This batch is the AAA largest bean size and triple sorted & picked to ensure zero defects, a specialty grade coffee bean produced in Malaysia!

We recommend a roast level range from light to medium roast. Lighter roast exhibits tropical fruitiness and sweetness, with hints of cocoa finish, whereas medium roast gives more pronounced chocolate & hazelnut notes, also a fuller mouthfeel. Check out the roasted coffee beans here.

1kg pack of green bean ships within 1-2 working days