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Rivers Micro Coffee Dripper

Light weight and travelling friendly.

This is a mobile style coffee filter which doesn't compromise taste for good design.

The filter perfectly matches the Demita coffee cup range, so you can enjoy tasty coffee anytime, anywhere! It manages to brew evenly because the poured hot water drips to it's centre. Put 16g of coarsely ground beans into the filter, then pour over hot water slowly. The filter is detachable, making it easy to wash. You can use it with any cup which fits it's diameter.

Product Features : 

  • Foldable
  • Able to store in Wallmug Demita cup (Sold seperately)
  • No paper filter required
  • Great mobility
  • Easy setup & cleaning
  • Temperature Range: -40C to 130C
  • Fit 10g - 16g of ground coffee in one brew
  • Material - Polypropylene / Silicone