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JWC Roastery

Bolivia Finca El Arcangel


Orange. Apricot. Melon. Cocoa.

Variety Caturra
Processing Yellow Honey Processed
Region Caranavi
Altitude 1650masl
Roast Level Light Roast 
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Finca El Arcangel is a 10 hectare farm owned by the Rodriquez family and is located in the Bolinda community, just outside of the town of Caranavi. The total farm runs on 4 hectares fully planted with coffee trees of 4 varieties: Red and Yellow Caturra and Red and Yellow Catuai under a native tree shade system: citrus, papaya and avocado. The farm is surrounded by native forest and some of the native tree species are used as shade trees on the farm. It has been rehabilitated in 2015 with the first seedlings and the first beans were harvested in 2017.

The cherries are harvested and taken to Buena Vista Mill the same day where they are honey processed. After some mechanical pulping that removes part of the pulp, the beans are directly moved to raised beds for 3-4 days before being dried in mechanical dryers: big square boxes with hot airflow at the bottom. When on sunbeds, coffee is moved every 30 min in the morning and every hour in the afternoon. When on the boxes, coffee is moved every hour. The temperature in the mechanical dryers never goes over 40 degrees Celsius and MC and T are controlled at all times with MC/T meters.

The cherry peel is removed after picking the fresh coffee cherries, but some amount of the fleshy inside, the “mucilage”, remains while the beans are dried. No water is involved during the honey process.

There are different kinds of honey processes: white honey, yellow honey, gold honey, red honey, and black honey. The white and yellow honey has less mucilage left after being mechanically peeled. Gold, red, and black honey coffees, on the other hand, have much more mucilage remaining. This leads to a fuller-bodied coffee.

This yellow honey processed is a super vibrant fruity one. With lots of orange, apricot & melon fruity notes. A juicy fruity coffee that will tantalise your taste buds.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 2-2.30 minutes
Roast Date 15th of November

200g pack coffee ship in 1-2 working days
1kg Pack ships within 3-5 working days

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