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Bolivia Finca La Linda


Red Apples. Berries. Ripe Cherry. Winey.

Variety Java
Natural Processed
Region Caranavi, Bolinda
1482-1550 masl
Tasting Notes
Red Apples. Berries. Ripe Cherry. Winey.
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

La Linda is located in the colony of Bolinda, which lies in a lush, steep mountain valley around 10 kilometres outside of the town of Caranavi. The colony of Bolinda was founded 52 years ago and was once known as ‘Bolivia Linda’ or ‘Beautiful Bolivia’. Over the years this name was shortened to Bolinda, and it is now one of the larger settlements in the area.

La Linda’s high altitude – about 1,482-1,550 metres above sea level – helps to ensure the slow maturation of the coffee cherries; at high altitudes, night-time temperatures are more stable, and during the day temperature is mild. This allows more time for a higher concentration of sugars to develop in the cherry and bean, which in turn helps produce an incredibly sweet and clean coffee.

After the coffee was delivered, it was placed into a floatation tank and all floaters were removed. The whole cherries were then dried on raised beds in the sun and turned regularly to ensure it dried evenly. The drying was then finished off at a very low temperature in a stationary drier.

The coffee was then transported to La Paz where it was rested and then milled at the Rodriguez family’s brand new dry mill. At the mill, the coffee was carefully screened again by machines and also by hand to remove any defects.

This coffee is rare & absolutely spectacular. Clean fresh red apple, berries, and vibrant cherries aromatics, finish with a hint of winey twist. A coffee that truly stands out on a cupping table. 

Brewing Recipe : 

15g of coffee to 225g of water
2.30 minutes, 92ºc brewing temperature

Roasted on 5th of April
50g, 200g & 1kg ships within 1-2 working days

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