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Burundi Gaharo Hill


Blueberry. Orange Peel. Winey.

Variety Bourbon
Region Kayanza
Producer Small growers on Gaharo Hill
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Blueberry. Citrusy. Orange Peel. Winey.
Quantity 200g 
About this coffee:

This coffee come to us from the Bukeye washing station in conjunction with Long Miles Coffee Project, a project launched by Ben and Kristy Carlson to connect roasters worldwide with Burundi's amazing (and emerging) coffee growers. 

This coffee is exceptionally clean (literally see through cleanliness) and very juicy cup. You'll get the citrusy orange notes on the first sip, then the lovely blueberry notes emerge with a twist on winey notes. A truly delightful coffee!

Roasted on 4th of August
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