Cloud Catcher

Cloud Catcher 1kg Pack

Coffee Name

Ships within 3-5 working days.
Roast to order and whole beans only.

All coffee beans in 1kg pack from Cloud Catcher.

Espresso Roast Coffee List :

Rubix - RM160

Blackout - RM160

DAWN - RM185

Brazil Lucia - RM162

Colombia Pitalito - RM160

El Salvador Cruz Gorda - RM169

Ethiopia Limu - RM165

India Thalanar - RM160

Honduras El Zancudero - RM165

Filter Roast Coffee List :

Honduras Las Flores #7- RM207

El Salvador Villa Galicia - RM180

Ethiopia Guji White - RM187

Ethiopia Guji Orange - RM187

Ethiopia Aricha Pink - RM187

Ethiopia Peaberry Purple - RM187

Ethiopia Nansebo Areka - RM196

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe White - RM188


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