JWC Roastery

Colombia Geraldo Silva Lot 2


Red Apple. Almond. Caramel

Variety Caturra
Region Suaza, Huila
Finca Santa Helena
Tasting Notes
Red Apple, Sweet Spices, Almond, Caramel, Black Tea
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

The coffee is picked, processed and dried on the individual farms before they delivered as dry parchement to the association. Cherries are handpicked by the farmers. After 16-24 hours wet fermentation, the coffee is washed and floaters and damaged cherries are separated. The coffees are rinsed in clean water before being sent to the drying in parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain. Growers hand sort impurities and light beans.

This coffee makes a well balance cup with lots of red apple notes and caramel sweetness, perfect to brew on V60 to get all the delicious fruitiness out of the coffee.

Roasted on 22th of November.
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours.

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