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Costa Rica Finca La Cruz

Mandarin Orange. Sugarcane. Floral. 

Variety Caturra 
Kenya Washed Processed
Region Tarrazu
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Mandarin orange. Sugarcane. Floral.
Quantity 200g 

About this coffee : 

The coffee growing area is located in Tarrazu, where the mountains stand at an extremely high altitude, up to 1975 meters, so there are relative geographical conditions that can make the coffee bright and sour and unique flavor.

The annual average temperature is 24 °C-12 °C, enough annual rainfall of 2400 cm, relative humidity of 84%, the humidity of the dry season is greatly reduced, and it can also provide a good dry environment for the drying stage of green beans.

Under the current plan of the manor, the Holy Cross Manor and Treatment Plant produces only about 200 quintals (about 20,000 kg) of green beans per year, of which Caturra and Catuai are the main varieties.

This coffee was carefully selected Kenya-style washing lot. It has great brightness and vibrant mandarin orange juiciness, florals and other delicate aromatics.  

Roasted on 25th of November
Whole beans ships within 24 hours

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